Rhonda Duffy
The Real Estate Powerhouse &
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Rhonda Duffy


Stuff To Know

Learn Staging at www.StagedHomes.com

Learn to be an Auctioneer at www.learntoauction.com

Learn Neuro Linguistic Programming at www.nlpcoaching.com

Learn Feng Shui at www.amfengshui.com

Learn Meditation at www.silvamethod.com

Learn more about yourself from www.TheMonroeInstitute.com

Learn more about Real Estate at www.realtor.org


Rhonda's businesses

Duffy Realty of Atlanta

Rainmaker Realty (U.S. licensing program that mirrors Duffy Realty)

Lenox Asset Brokers (REO company)

Cash On Demand Realty (business model and coaching system with Rhonda Duffy and Mike Costigan)